Bug Bounty

We’re announcing a bug bounty program. See an exploit in one of our contracts? Report it and get some $VYBE!

Only the first person to report a bug can claim a bounty on it. You can report multiple bugs, but may not report the same bug multiple times (via splitting one up into parts).

If you report a reported bug or write a quality review up for us to read, you will also get rewarded an amount of vybe at our discretion!

Thank you to everyone who takes a shot at it! Let us know what you find! Any contract on our GitHub is eligible for this program! Please send all bug reports to [email protected]

Small Exploits 100-500 vybe

This is mainly about gaming the system and only applies to problems with a viable solution. Division rounding manipulation isn’t included.

Medium-sized Exploits 2000-3000 vybe

Medium-sized exploits, ones that will damage the project

Critical Exploit - 5000 vybe

Finally, if you manage to withdraw funds when you’re not supposed to be able to or have a similarly critical bug, we will award 5000 vybe!