Planned platform development for the next 12 months

2020 Quarter 4

  • Vybe Governance is shifted to a DAO

  • Release of expanded Learn platform including documentation for Flash Loans, DAO, and Staking

  • Release of Litepaper

  • Formalize platform transition to DAO with Voting Portal

  • Submit Staking improvement proposal

    • Alleviate inflation concerns with staking reward reduction to ensure the platform sustainability

    • Implement Uniswap liquidity updates to allow liquidity providers to receive staking rewards

  • Refactor Vybe Portal to improve expandability

2021 Quarter 1

  • Release Platform Management Module

    • Decentralize ERC-20 platform launches and reduce consumer risks

    • Automate presale to Uniswap funding tools and reduce time to market

    • Streamline platform timelock's with transparent and reliable vesting schedules

    • Intuitive user interaction portal

    • Contribute module activity fees to Vybe platform

  • Release Poken Lottery Module

    • No-loss ethereum lottery

    • Intuitive user interaction portal

    • Contribute module activity fees to Vybe platform

2021 Quarter 2

  • Release Interest Rate Swap Module

    • Provide Rate Swaps between DeFi lending platforms

    • Intuitive user interaction portal that is expandable to support most DeFi lending platforms

  • Release Escrow Module

    • Streamline and automate conditional payments between two parties

    • Optional Vybe DAO arbitration to resolve conflicts

    • Intuitive user interaction portal

2021 Quarter 3

  • Build out partnerships with other financial service providers to integrate Vybe into their ecosystem, and their projects into the Vybe ecosystem

  • Release payment processing module, allowing easy Vybe payments for everyone

  • Launch Vybe Center to facilitate decentralized development community

2021 Quarter 4

  • Launch Vybe exchange functionality

  • Expand Vybe's dominance as an entirely modular plug and play financial system

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This roadmap is a work in progress, and we welcome community feedback and proposals.

Roadmap is not guaranteed and dates are subject to change.